Points on Fashion Design Portfolio Examples

Related imageIf you’ve spent most of your childhood dressing up, mixing and matching outfits, going shopping for your friends and drawing clothes in your notebooks, then you know that fashion designing is your vocation! Moreover, as we all know, clothes will always be a necessity for man, so fashion designing is a smart career to take up! see this website .
Fashion designing is not as easy as it may sound though. It is a fiercely competitive industry and people fight tooth and nail for job positions. So, in the initial stages, you might suffer several setbacks, the trick is not to give up on your dream. As is the case with every career, in the case of fashion designing too, you must set realistic goals and expect nothing more than entry-level positions when you start out. Gradually, as you establish yourself, things will start to look up.

The Portfolio
So how should you go about becoming a fashion designer? First off, build an attractive portfolio. Make sure that it is creative, lucidly worded and interesting. While building your portfolio, you must keep in mind how important industry experience is, so give up no opportunity to intern or work under experienced fashion designers. The portfolio plays a major role in getting you into a good school and landing you a proper job.

While putting together your portfolio, make sure you have samples of your work. This will help people gauge your caliber as a candidate. For example, you can put in samples of your sketches, color and textile knowledge, pictures of your creations and even express your problem solving ability in some manner. You need to make your portfolio unique – a cut above the rest.Image result for Fashion Design Degree Online

As has been mentioned earlier, industry experience is very important if you want to get your dream job in the fashion designing industry. But, do make sure that you’re not looking to increase your bank balance while searching for internships. Remember that this is your stepping stone into the fashion industry and this is an opportunity for you to gain industrial experience, NOT to increase your pocket money.

Also ensure that while applying to schools, you are applying to an institution which has professors and teachers who come from an industrial background. They will help you gain insight on the tricks of the trade, moreover, they may have connections in the industry which might help you to get your first internship!